Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

An Assessment of Traffic Flow in Makurdi Town of Benue State, Nigeria

Terwase Shabu and Ambrose Adzuu (Department of Geography, Benue State University, Makurdi).


The paper assessed traffic congestion situation in Makurdi town of Benue State, Nigeria. Filed observation and questionnaire were used to collect data on socio-demographic activities of road users, time spent in bad traffic situation, number of vehicular movement per time, cost of traffic congestion, land use patter and causes of congestion in the area. A total of 275 respondents were selected using random sampling technique. Traffic counts were carried out at the selected traffic hot spot. The data collected were analysed using percentages and presented in tables while ANOVA was used to analyse the variation in traffic situation in the Town. The results revealed that 47.7% of the respondents spend between 5-19 minutes in bad traffic situation. Also traffic congestion occur most often in the morning and evening periods of the day while Mondays and Fridays are the most traffic congested days of the week. The are prone to bad traffic congestion os Wurukum roundabout. The study recommends the construction of Fly-over Bridge at Wurukum roundabout to ease traffic flow, provision of traffic lights and expansion of existing roads.

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