Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Analysis of Socia-Demographic Characteristics of Participants in informal Recycling of Solid Waste

1Felix K. Kwaghsende and 2Jacob Atser {Department of URP, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria (; Department of URP, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Uyo, Akwa-Iborn State, Nigeria (}


The study reviewed empirical studies and analysed social demographic data of informal solid waste recycling workers in developed and developing countries. The influence of socio-demographic and location factors on participation rate in informal solid waste recycling activities were investigated using factorial design. Three socio-demographic data (Educational attachment, age and sex) drawn from different research reports conducted in 9 countries were utilised for further statistical analysis. The review shows that the recycling activities are carried out by male and females in developed and developing countries. The average age cohort of the people involved in recycling activities falls mostly within the productive age of 20 - 45 and involved people who are mostly unemployed. The single, married and widowed are all involved in the activity and some of them live with their families. The educational attainment level vary from no formal education to postgraduate level. Most of the participants in developing countries have low level of educational attainment. Factorial analysis of the interaction effects of location and socio-demographic factors indicate that the rate of participation in informal waste recycling activities is not dependent on location. Although age had the highest significant effect (adjusted R-squared value of (.673), education (.366) and sex (.008) attributes were relatively weak in their tests for between subject’s effect. On the basis of the result analysis, the planning implication are examined for developing countries such as Nigeria.

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