Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Parking Demand in a typical Nigerian University: A case of Benue State University, Nigeria

Vesta Udoo and Timothy.T. Gyuse (Department of URP, Faculty of Environmental Science, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria.


This study examines the level of parking demand in Be/we State University (BSU) using a case study design. To gather data for assessing parking demand, 6 au t of the 10 activity areas in the unioersitu delineated on the basis of apparent symmetry created by some of the existing roads which gives some character to the University were utilized. In each of these delineated areas, data on cordon court ts, parking accumuiation and parking du ration were obtained. The result of the study has shown that there is an active demand for vehicular parking in Benue State University. This has an average entry of 206 vehicles per hour with an internal accumutation peak of 606 on Wednesday by -Tlam. A total of 5549 vehicles (69%) are in need of short term parking while 2446 vehicles (31 %) are in need of parking on long term basis. On the basis of thefindings, 5U rjace centralize parking lots is advocated for BSU taking into consideration the peak hourly and daily parking demand observed in the insiitu tion.

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