Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Perception of Causes, Effects and Use of Local Adaptive Measures for Mitigating Thermal Discomfort in Lokoja, Kogi State Nigeria

Adewale F. Olatunde and Joy E.Ukoje (Department of Geography, Federal University Lokoja Corresponding author:


This article examines the perception of causes, effects and useof local adaptive measures for mitigating thermal discomfort in Lokoja, Nigeria. Data were gathered through the administration of questionnaires to residents of various quarters of the town. Questions administeredfocused on respondents personal traits, duration of residency, job type, work place, perception about the occurrence, causes, effects and local mitigation efforts (indoor and outdoor). Results were summarized using various descriptive statistical tools like frequency tables, pie charts, percentages, and ratio. The results revealed that the causes of thermal discomfort to be climatic, human activities and combination of both while the effects include skin rashes, measles, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and loss of working hours. The varieties of coping local measures used by the respondents include repeated baths in a day, use of light clothes, and local or hand fans. Others are staying under trees, sleeping outside the house, installation of more and extra windows among others. The reasons given for using these measures by respundents vary from inadequate supply of electricity 10 high cost offuel, energy, mechanical and electrical devices On the whole, there were no major differences as regard the opinions (percentages) of the respondents in different quarters of the town. However, the reasons given for the usage of the local adaptive measures indicate the urgent need for massive improvement in the infrastructure of not only Lokoja but all urban centres in the country.

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