Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Perspectives on Spatial Determinants of social infrastructure in Rural Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Jacob Atser (Department of Urban and Regional Planning Faculty of Environmental Sciences University of Uyo, AKS, Nigeria


This study presen ts an assesstnen t of the spatial determinants of social infrasiructure in rural areas of Akwn Ibom State. Using a social analysis framework, this study examined simultaneously the levels of access to water supply, education, health, road network, electricity, telephone, banking, marketing and police services in the rural areas. Through the use of structured questionnaire and field observation as tools for data collection, data on social infrastructure stock were measured alongside six spatial factors as predictor variables in 50 randomly sampled rural communities. Variations in the levels of social infrastructure stock among the rural communities were investigated using multiple regression analysis and significant relationships were observed for the factors of distance to nearest urban centre and levels of nucleation which together accounted for 87.8 percent of the total.

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