Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Perspectives on Urban Conflicts and Violence in Northern Nigeria

Timothy T. Gyuse (Department of URP, Benue State University, Makurdi;


Urban violence is rapidly becoming the norm in contemporary society. In Nigeria there has been an increase in such violence in recen t time. This is paper overviews the trend and inden tifies possible causes to include, issues ofetlmicity, indigeneship and eihno-linguistic identities, religious differences, politics, reactions to activities of uniformed security services as well loss ofhope. It suggests that urban form also coniribu tes to urban violence by providing an environ men tfor individual alienation, a breeding ground for violent behaviour, and because of poor physical access to some neighbourhoods. an environment where violence is prolonged. Suggested measures to reduce urban violence include addressing world views, containing poverty thereby giving hope, legislation to minimize indigene/settler dichotomies, refocusing national ethos toward wealth creation and providing multiple levels of appropriate intelligence gathering and security infrastructure.

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