Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Reflecting on Green Urbanism for Sustainable Urbanization in Nigeria

1Davidson S.A. Alaci, and 2Clement D. Chup {Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Benue State University Makurdi ( Department of Geography and Environmental Planning, University of Abuja. FCT}


The world’s urban environment is said to be home to over half of the global population. With this background, this paper argues for a green urbanism as one of the tools necessary for sustainable urbanisation in Nigeria. Using largely a desktop-analysis technique, the paper addresses issues of Green Spaces in Sustainable urbanisation in the context of Nigeria. This is captured in the wider context of humans settlement planning activities and draw lessons from a best practice. The study reviews Green Spaces and Green Urbanism concept in the lexicon of sustainable urbanisation and followed the review with a scooping of Green Urbanism in Planning Practice in Nigeria. Using secondary data sources, a juxtapose survey of two anthropogenic elements of urban growth was examine. The practice of town planning through Government Department of Urban and Regional Planning in the State Ministry was also evaluated. Findings show that Lokoja is suffering from the poverty of green and green area/cover in general is on the decline, even in government layouts. Inverse relationship tends to exist between the size and growth of build-up area and bare surface on the land and green area and cultivated areas of the land. Measures for entrenching green urbanism as an integral part of sustainable urbanisation in Nigeria were discussed using the best practice model. In addition the need to plan for urban agriculture, urban wetlands for example as components of Urban Green infrastructure was also highlighted.

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