Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Utilization of the Benue State University Pedestrian Bridge across Gboko Road, Makurdi, Nigeria

I. D. Mngutyo, M.Tech, MURP, MNIA (Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Benue State University).<


This paper empirically investigates the reasons why end users do not use the pedestrian bridge opposite the Benue State University. The Bridge was provided to safeguard their lives and save time. Purposive sampling of people crossing the Makurdi-Gboko road at the first gate entrance into the university during peak traffic hours of 6am-8am, 12pm-2pm and 4pm -6pm was done over one week. Using a known student population of 17000 and the Taro Yamane formulae sample size of 399 was determined. Sampling was by choosing the 1st and subsequently every 51h person to cross the road during peak hours. Findings revealed that 75% of the pedestrians crossing the road at the Benue State University first gate are students. Although 73% of the respondents think the bridge is necessary only 33 % have ever used the bridge. Major reasons are that it's too tiring to climb the bridge, the bridge is located too far from the gate and the bridge is not maintained. Suggested measures for enforcing utilization of the bridge include building blockades on the road island, locating the bridge closer to the university gate thereby reducing walking distance to and from it and maintaining of the bridge. Planning implications are that public participation should be sought when planning for public infrastructure and passive or active means should be used to enforce use of public infrastructure.

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