Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Youth Perception of the City, It's Challenges and Opportunities: A Case Study from Zaria, Nigeria

Mohammed-Bello Yunusa, PhD, MNITP & Adamu Ahmed, PhD, MNITP (Department of URP, ABU, Zaria, Nigeria.)


The city is both a spatial and a socio-economic expression. The youth constitute a significant proportion of the city population. This paper explores the perception of the city by the youth; the ways the youth relate to the city space and connect the institutions. The challenges of inefficient socio-economic infrastructure and poor service delivery are constraints to the realisation of basic aspirations of growth and development among the youth. Given the youth notion of the city and their relationship with the institutions, the paper stresses the need to improve Iivelihood opportuni ties as a way of re-directing you th energy to developmen tal goals.

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