Journal of Contemporary Urbanology

Assessment of Private Companies Participation in Solid Waste Management in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

Idris, I.I. and A. Ahmed (Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Environmental Design, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. Email: urbanist2005(a)


The rapid increase in the urban population, heavy consumption patterns of urban dwellers and the inefficiency of the authorities responsible for waste management has led to environmental crises in most cities. One of the major concerns is the impact on human wellbeing and the associated economic costs. In an attempt to augment government effort to address the challenge, the private sector has become a key player in programmes for sustainable urban solid waste management. This paper examined the effectiveness of private sector involvement in solid waste management in Kaduna metropolis using questionnaire and oral interview methods. A cluster sampling was used in which five (5) districts of the metropolis were identified as sampled study areas for data collection and analysis. 367 questionnaires were administered to the respondents. Also a purposive sampling was adopted in selecting staff members of the contracting companies that were involved in solid waste management; 70 staff representing 50.4% out of 139 total numbers of staff of the private companies were interviewed. The result showed poor performance of the companies in terms of frequency of collection, poor service delivery to the people, poor access to collection sites, poor disposal. system, and lack of public participation in the programme. Recommendations were tailored to addressing the issues arising from poor performance of the companies, e.g improving access to collection sites, reviewing charges, and greater involvement of relevant stakehol ders as well as the strengthening of the monitoring mechanism of the statutory agencies.

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